Beato chi soffre di insonnia

Ore 19:00 rientrata in rete ora nuovamente visionabile, nel frattempo abbiamo cercato di capire cosa succede negli Sport in generale quando piove

Rainout (sports)………..

  • If a game has completed the 5th inning, and the teams are tied, or in college and some Minor League Baseball games regardless of inning, and it is not the final game in the series (the first or second game in a three-game series, also regardless of inning), the game is considered suspended, and the resumption of the game is scheduled for a future date (usually the following day). The game picks up from where it left off. All games stopped for power outages after the 5th inning are considered suspended if it is not the final game in the series, regardless of the game’s score.
    • In the Major League Baseball postseason, regardless of inning, all games stopped at any time for weather are considered suspended and continued from the point of stoppage when play resumes, no matter if the game has not reached the requirements above.[4] This rule was put into place as a result of Game 5 of the 2008 World Series, which was the first postseason game in history to be suspended and resumed from the point of suspension. Prior to the 2009 postseason, a playoff game had to have at least five innings completed in order to be suspendable; a playoff game stopped prior to that point had to be started over. An example was Game 1 of the 1982 National League Championship Series, which reached the top of the fifth inning, but had to be restarted from scratch the next day.
  • If none of the previous scenarios apply, the game cannot be deemed official. The umpire declares “No Game,” and a make-up of the game is scheduled for a future date unless it is not feasible. The latter occurs mainly among the minor leagues and college due to travel schedules, and only in the major leagues among teams that have been declared mathematically eliminated from postseason play where no benefit in the standings would be derived. The statistics compiled during the rained out game are not counted.

 Etc. Etc. Etc




Fortunato chi soffre di insonnia, la versione integrale la potemmo mai più rivedere?